I'm having trouble dealing with my API calls limit. I found that the main object that is consuming this API calls is PlatformActionList (I'm not a developer, I'm not even sure if this is an object).

What is PlatformActionList? Where is it used in Service Cloud? Why could be consuming so many API calls?

Thanks in advance!

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    Are your users using SF mobile App? – Pranay Jaiswal Feb 7 at 15:46
  • Also worth looking into : salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/213576/… – Pranay Jaiswal Feb 7 at 15:46
  • Hi! Thank you for the link, I didn't found that one in my research. We actually don't have any users with mobile App...could it be custom buttons? Would you help me understand where can I find this custom buttons in order for me to understand if they are related to this issue? – Alexandre Cunha Feb 7 at 17:39
  • Custom Button does consume API calls – Pranay Jaiswal Feb 7 at 18:38

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