I have a requirement to provide a particular group of records to one user.But record sharing criteria depends on formula field.

So, I'm not able to share through sharing rules. So, I have created an apex to share opportunity access to the users.

But I'm facing this error.

TooManyLockFailure: Too many lock failure 200 Trying again later.

Apex Class

public class OpportunitySharing 
    Public static Boolean Sharingcheck=true;
    public static ID userid=[Select id from user where name='Chloe Rodriguez'].ID;
    public static void BangaloreTeamShareUpdateordelete(List<Opportunity> newopps,Map<Id,Opportunity> oldmapopps)
        List<Id> Sharedeletionlist = new List<Id>();
        List<OpportunityShare> Shareinsertlist = new List<OpportunityShare>();
        for(Opportunity oppid:newopps)
            if(oldmapopps.get(oppid.id).team__c == 'Bangalore Team' && 
               (oppid.Team__c <> 'Bangalore Team' || String.isBlank(oppid.Team__c)) )
            else if((oldmapopps.get(oppid.Id).team__c <> 'Bangalore Team' || String.isBlank(oldmapopps.get(oppid.id).team__c)) && 
                    oppid.Team__c == 'Bangalore Team')
                Opportunityshare oppshareid= new  Opportunityshare();
            if(Sharedeletionlist <> null && !Sharedeletionlist.isEmpty())
                delete[Select id from Opportunityshare where opportunityid IN :Sharedeletionlist AND RowCause='Manual' FOR UPDATE];
            If(Shareinsertlist <> null && !Shareinsertlist.isEmpty())
                insert Shareinsertlist;

Please guide where I missed it.

  • Why are you using an explicit FOR UPDATE on a delete DML here? – David Reed Feb 7 at 21:21
  • I thought records are locking because of that query.Already i have removed from my code – Pavan tej Feb 8 at 16:29

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