I have three record type- Service creation, service revision and service termination whenever parent case is created with Service creation it should be visible in table and when child case created with service revision it should be visible and service creation case should remove from table same thing for service termination child case created then its parent case with service creation should remove from table.

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    Welcome to SFSE! Please take the tour and read How to Ask. Right now, I don't think you've included enough details for anyone to be able to give you a specific answer (e.g. you mention "it should be visible" several times, but never mention what "it" is). The community here also likes to see that you've tried to solve your problem on your own before coming here. Making an edit to your question to include details about the research you've done so far, and the Visualforce (and possibly the controller or extension(s)) would help. – Derek F Feb 7 at 12:39

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