I was looking through the list of tables in SoqlXplorer, as I do every so often (I find it a useful way to learn things), and I came across a table called FileSearchActivity.

What is this table?

It looks like that table is an index of all search bar searches in my org since 2016-Feb (just under 3 years ago), who did it, and how many hits there were.

Do I have any control over its contents? Can I control its retention?

It would be great if I had some control over how long we retain these records. Can I delete them somehow? (I can't do it manually as a SysAdmin). Will they continue to accumulate forever or is three years the max? Is this something I can get in touch with my rep about?

There is also a similarly-named table called SearchActivity which is empty. What to make of that?

For reference, the fields on this table are:

  • AvgNumResults
  • ClickRank
  • CountQueries
  • CountUsers
  • CreatedById
  • CreatedDate
  • Id
  • IsDeleted
  • LastModifiedById
  • LastModifiedDate
  • Name
  • Period
  • QueryDate
  • QueryLanguage
  • SearchTerm
  • SystemModstamp

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