I would like to get details about an inbound change set. I already know that I can get its name and Request ID through Event Monitor and only its name through Setup Audit Trail, but I would like to get (I need to use it at Wave Analytics) information about what the Change Set contains.


You can download outbound changeset using workbench.

1) Go to Salesforce Workbench , Then Migration -> Retreive

2) Put the exact name of changeset in Package names and tick Single Package then Next , Retreive.

It will download the outbound changeset as a zip file with all the changes you want.

Src: My Blog

  • And is it possible to get information about an Inbound Change Set? Is through metadata the only way? because I want to show it on analytics – Franz Anthony Rodriguez Maravi Feb 6 '19 at 18:52
  • I can't find a way to do that for inbound changeset. If you want for analytics it makes sense to use a custom tool like gearset.com – Pranay Jaiswal Feb 6 '19 at 18:55

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