Hi I have an aura enabled method that returns a Cycle Record, The issue is some of the fields are returning null in the aura enabled method compared to querying in execute anonymous and workbench.

This is my Code

public static PC_Roche_Cycle__c getCycleRecord(Id cycleRecordId){

    PC_Roche_Cycle__c cycleRecord = [SELECT Id, Name, PC_Roche_Cycle_Actual_Date__c, PC_Roche_Program_Coverage__r.PC_Roche_Scheme__r.Name,
                                    PC_Roche_Program_Coverage__r.PC_Roche_Scheme__r.PC_Roche_Descriptor__c, PC_Roche_Free_Dosage_Brand_1__c,
                                    PC_Roche_Brand_2_Lookup__c, PC_Roche_Free_Dosage_Brand_2__c
                                    FROM PC_Roche_Cycle__c
                                    WHERE ID =: cycleRecordId];

    System.debug('SCHEME>>>>>>' + cycleRecord.PC_Roche_Program_Coverage__r.PC_Roche_Scheme__c);
    System.debug('SCHEME NAME>>>>>' + cycleRecord.PC_Roche_Program_Coverage__r.PC_Roche_Scheme__r.Name);
    System.debug('dosage fixed>>>>>>'+cycleRecord.PC_Roche_Program_Coverage__r.PC_Roche_Scheme__r.PC_Roche_Dosage_Fixed__c);
    System.debug('CYCLE>>>>>>' + cycleRecord.Id);
    System.debug('CYCLERECORDID>>>>>' + cycleRecordId);
    System.debug('SCHEME CODE>>>>>' + cycleRecord.PC_Roche_Program_Coverage__r.PC_Roche_Scheme__r.PC_Roche_Scheme_Code__c);

    return cycleRecord;

The fields cycleRecord.PC_Roche_Program_Coverage__r.PC_Roche_Scheme__r.PC_Roche_Scheme_Code__c AND cycleRecord.PC_Roche_Program_Coverage__r.PC_Roche_Scheme__r.PC_Roche_Descriptor__c AND cycleRecord.PC_Roche_Program_Coverage__r.PC_Roche_Scheme__r.PC_Roche_Descriptor__c

are returning null, but when I try to use my query in execute anonymous and workbench with the ID being passed in the parameter, I am getting a correct result.

I'm confused with what's wrong with this, or it's just that I'm missing out something in regards to aura enabled methods.

Any advice will do, thank you.

  • You are using the same user for both queries? – Christian Szandor Knapp Feb 6 at 12:13
  • I missed that one! I'll check it if the user accessing the query has a permission for this fields. Thanks! – imajmdf Feb 6 at 12:28

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