I'm trying to develop functionality which allows a user to click on a link to display a preview of a single file or a set of files (ContentDocuments) in Lightning Experience. The obvious way to do this is to use the lightning:openFiles event, apart from the fact that this is "no longer recommended".

Within the documentation for lightning:openFiles, Salesforce recommend "Use the Lightning navigation service instead". I cannot find how to use the Lightning navigation service to implement this functionality in the same way.

I've reviewed the documentation in the Component Reference for lightning:navigation, and also the linked documentation for Page Reference and PageReference Types, and couldn't find any reference for how to open a ContentDocument in the previewer.

I tried the following page reference:

    type: "standard__recordPage",
    attributes: {
        objectApiName: "ContentDocument",
        recordId: "069000000000000000",
        actionName: "view"

This successfully redirects to the file, but doesn't open it in preview mode. I tried changing the actionName to preview or open, neither of which was successful.

I'm imagining that I might want to vary the type, but I'm also just wondering if the documentation is sending me barking up the wrong tree. If I use the lightning:fileCard component, which implements the behaviour I want, I can see that this still fires lightning:openFiles events, so the event is still used by Salesforce internally even if discouraged.

Does anyone know the "proper" way to replicate lightning:openFiles behaviour using lightning:navigation?

  • I also use the lightning:openFiles component - for a file previewer. It is excellent and the only drawback is that if the user has file access - it gives full manage capabilities for the user on the file. I think that they recommend "Use the Lightning navigation service instead" , means that you should implement your own previewer - they do not supply more than navigation on the navigation service. Feb 6, 2019 at 7:38

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Your page reference is wrong. It's documented in the LWC Guide, and should look like this:

            type: 'standard__namedPage',
            attributes: {
                pageName: 'filePreview',
            state : {
                recordIds: '069xxxxxxxxxxx,0691yyyyyyyyyyyyy',

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