I have search for insights regarding this topic and found information regarding this collected information being available on IGO_ data extensions. The issue is that despite of the fact I see identified users on Web Analytics, none of the IGO_ DE's have data.

Additionally, I only can see IGO_ DE's at Root Level but if the data is collected at BU level how can we retrieve the same?

On the other hand I have read that we must enable the IGO_ and PI_ Data Extensions through Personalization Builder > Predictive Email > Status > Settings icon > Data Extension Settings but when I try to do that I need to provide one Catalog. Can anyone provide me one example of the same and how it relates with the tracking data collected?


This is what I have on my current status page. I have Base Collect Tracking Codes and Sessions collected. Now I wanted to see that data on the IGO_ and PI_ DE's so I can create Contacts segmentation based on this data. The first warning means that i have to create a New Einstein Recommendation so that the web collected data be present on the DE's?

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Once again Many Thanks for your support.

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It is difficult to provide you a sample of a catalogue, without knowing what type of content you serve. This can either be products or content (articles). It should be a pipe delimited file, that you either provide daily on an FTP folder, expose as a public URL or upload manually. There are multiple documentation pages about catalogue implementation here.

My personal favourite of building a catalogue is using Streaming Updates. However this still requires an initial manual upload of a catalogue file, so your fields can be mapped.

Using Streaming Updates allows you to refresh your catalogue by simply placing a JS snippet next to your regular collect code. This ensures all the pages visited are included in catalogue.

Please be aware, that only pages included in the catalogue will have visits reflected in IGO Data Extensions. Should collect code trigger on a page not in catalogue, you will see an error in the log.

Please read the links in the text, as they contain necessary additional information which will help you with your implementation.

Brgds Lukas

  • Hi @Lukas, the type of content will be to track page visits, articles, etc. So I think it will be the Content Catalog (help.salesforce.com/…). So my collect script and my catalogue file should have at least the required fields present on the following page help.salesforce.com/… right? I will try to achieve this and provide feedback. Many Thanks Commented Feb 6, 2019 at 0:39
  • Yes, that is indeed correct Commented Feb 6, 2019 at 5:21
  • Hi @Lukas, just one more doubt. We only have the IGO_ data extensions at root level but we are collecting tracking information at BU level. I don't see any BU field on IGO_ data extensions so how the data flows to the BU? Commented Feb 6, 2019 at 12:30
  • Hi Pedro. The collect code is BU specific. So the data collected by the script goes to the MID defined in this call: _etmc.push(["setOrgId", "MID"]); You will need to have separate collect codes for each BU where you need the data. Otherwise, you can solve this with Query Activities and Shared DEs. Commented Feb 6, 2019 at 13:09
  • Hi @Lukas, I was able to create a content Catalog and on the Status I'm getting hits on the Base Collect Tracking Code and on Sessions. Nevertheless I'm not able yet to Enable Einstein Data Extensions. I have 4 warnings and one of them says "This feature requires existing Einstein data extensions. Confirmation is pending, check back shortly. Contact support if you continue to see this message." I don't know if I need to wait more time but meanwhile I have created a new case on support. Let's see their feedback. I don't know if you have any additional comment. Many thanks for your support. Commented Feb 7, 2019 at 18:53

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