When i selected multple record and click on the Button then On redirect conga composer then showing this error like:Not authorized. The [a0q6C000005aoY3QAI, a0q6C000005aoXoQAI] parameter ID is not valid. Ensure that the parameter ID is 15 to 18 alpha-numeric characters and does not include spaces. how to get the id in conga composer

///////////visualforce page

<apex:commandButton value=" Summary Invoice"   action="{!SummaryInvoice}"  oncomplete="opensummaryConga('{!selectedEsr}')"     style="background:#eed202;"/>
<Script Language="JavaScript"> 

var stringsummaryvalue='{!selectedEsr}';
var Formastring=stringsummaryvalue.splits(',');
var joinIds=Formastring.join("'|'");
var removeSpace=joinIds.replace(" ","");
var removeLeft=removeSpace.replace("[","");
var removeRight=removeLeft.replace("]","");
var finalSetIds=removeRight;
<!----var Formastring=stringsummaryvalue.splits(',');--->

             function opensummaryConga(finalSetIds) {
             <!--function openConga()--->

            <!-- GenerateInvoicePay();-->

                alert('summary Id2'+finalSetIds);  

                window.location.href = "/apex/APXTConga4__Conga_Composer?SolMgr=1&"+



 public PageReference SummaryInvoice() 
            selectedEsr = new List<Payment__c>();

                  for(wrappayment wp : paymentList)
                Payment__c p=new Payment__c();
                if(wp.selected == true)


             return Null;
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    I don't know enough about Conga, but I do know that id only accepts one ID value; you may need to use QVar0 or another parameter to load the records you'd like. – sfdcfox Feb 5 at 12:29
  • Thanks @sfdcfox – hari Feb 6 at 5:54
  • How to do use Qvar0 in visualforce page – hari Feb 6 at 5:55

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