Can I put two same engagement split in journey at different time interval (in salesforce marketing cloud).

Here is the use case, I want to send an email and check if particular email has bounced or not. Ideally one should wait upto 3 days & check if email has bounced or not. But in this case I want to to put two checks, one is after one hour of send and other is after 3 days of send. Based on email bounced or delivered I'll update email status in salesforce sales cloud against Lead or Account.

Can I use same engagement split at different time interval (first one is after one hour and second one is after 3 days) and accordingly update the Lead & Account object in sales cloud.

Idea is to get bounce or deliver status in sales cloud as soon as delivered or bounced response is received in marketing cloud.

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Yes, you can easily select the same email in multiple engagement splits within the same journey. You have the Message to monitor dropdown, which selects the email which the engagement split takes into consideration, and then Message metrics where you in your case will select Bounces.

Even though you have already selected Message X in one engagement split, you can select same message in any other engagement split further down the journey.

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