I want to send a double optin confirmation email with the link which leads to the "thank you" landing page. We deal with subscribers from different countries, so I would like to render language based on the value in the column "Language" in sendable DE. How should I place an AMPscript - only in email or also in the Landing Page?

I have tried already to put some code in LP, but I got an error when trying to preview it.

Thanks in advance!


What you should do is one of the following.

  1. Attach an URL-Parameter to the Link inside your email. Retrieve the parameter in the landing page with ampscript.
  2. Redirect with the ampscript function CloudPagesURL() to your landing page. Retrieve a unique identifier from that person by using AttributeValue towards personalization Strings of salesforce. Then use these strings to query a dataextension that holds your language value of that particular user.

Code in an email could look like this:

%%[ var @country, @language
set @country=  [country] /* when the dataextension column is named country */
set @language= [language] /* when the dataextension column is named language*/
set @cp_url = CloudPagesURL(4711) /* your cloudpage id */
set @cp_url_comb = Concat(@cp_url,"&country=",@country,"&language=",@language)


CloudpageURL Combined

<p><a title="MyPage" href="%%=RedirectTo(Concat(@cp_url,"?country=",@country,"&language=",@language))=%%" alias="ThisAlias" conversion="false">Redirect to test</a></p>

On a cloudpage it could look like this:

set @country= RequestParameter("country")
set @language= RequestParameter("language")
/* or retrieve the subscriberkey */
set @subscriberKey = AttributeValue("_subscriberkey")
/* and then do a lookup / lookuprows / lookupoderedrows towards a dataextension where all your subscribers are*/

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