I have a client who will use Selligent Marketing Cloud for their email sends and will have Selligent integrated with Salesforce CRM.

The client would like for all the Selligent tracking data (Sends, Opens, Clicks etc) to be written to Salesforce CRM.

Historically, the client was using SFMC and has asked if the Selligent Tracking could be written to the 'existing' SFMC Connector Fields in Salesforce.

Does anyone know what tracking fields and objects SFMC uses in Salesforce to record email tracking activity?

  • it's a long shot request, I understand what I'm asking here
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    How granular was tracking configured with SFMC? You might end up using a high number of API calls, if you want to update individual email results for recipient. My advice will be to stay with less granular approach. When using SFMC connector, the email result sync did not count towards API limits on SC. – Lukas Lunow Feb 4 at 21:13

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