I'm trying to setup the below product set up in salesforce CPQ.

Product: BAG

Now, I need to set up the price of this particular BAG product based on the Colour in the line editor.

For Ex: If the user selects below configurations in the line editor,

  • Colour - White - $100
  • Colour - Black - $110
  • Colour - Blue - $120

the price should change dynamically for the product BAG.

One way is creating all these combinations as individual products/components and bundle it to choose under BAG. But when there are many combinations, we cannot create all of them as Individual Products/Components.

  • is the color an actual field on the quote line? – night crawler Feb 5 '19 at 0:57

I found a solution for this use case. I used Pricing Rule concept to dynamically change the price when the configuration attribute is selected.

Pricing Rule:

  1. Rule Name: Price Change
  2. Evaluation Order: 1
  3. Evaluation Criteria - All

Pricing Conditions:

  1. Target Object - Quote Line
  2. Target field - Color__c (api name of the field I created in the Quote Line)
  3. Operator - Equals
  4. Type - Value
  5. Value - Black

Pricing Actions:

Action 1:

  1. Target Object - Quote Line

  2. Target field - SBQQ__SpecialPriceType__c

  3. Type - Value

  4. Value - Custom

Action 2:

  1. Target Object - Quote Line

  2. Target field - SBQQ__SpecialPrice__c

  3. Type - Value

  4. Value - $110

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