How to create a attacment from visualforce site? I have created godaddy domain in our salesforce and given certificates for domain. for this domain i have access to view the visuaforce pages.I have created visualforce page as renderas"PDF" and i am calling from visualforce page attachment is created successfully but when i run the page from site its not created the attachment. i have given access the visualforce page andenter code here apex controller and also i have given access to object and fields.see below code.

account acc =[select id,name from account where id='myrecordid'];
pagereference pgref = page.mypdfpage;
blob body;
body= pageref.getContentAsPDF();
Attachment attach = new Attachment();
attach.body = body;
attach.Name = 'myattachpage';
attach.Isprivate = false;
attach.ParentId = acc.Id;
attach.ContentType = 'pdf';
insert attach;
  • is the apex class with sharing or without sharing? – Pranay Jaiswal Feb 1 at 10:47
  • @pranay apex class is without sharing – Goldberg Feb 1 at 11:08

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