In my visualforce page there is a button"generate pdf & send email" after clicking on the button template should be download and at the same time email should be sent, here template is downloading but email is not sent to the customer, how to resolve the issue?

visualforce page::

<apex:commandButton value="Generate Invoice" action="{!GenerateInvoice}"  oncomplete="openConga('{!Payment_Id}','{!tempid}','{!emailid}','{!emailtemplateid}');" reRender="pageid"  style="background:#eed202;"/>                   

<Script Language="JavaScript"> 
var stringvalue='{!Payment_Id}';
var templatevalue='{!tempid}';
var emailvalue='{!emailid}';
var templatevalue='{!emailtemplateid}';

             function openConga(stringvalue,templatevalue,emailvalue,emailtemplateid) 

                alert('payment Id2'+stringvalue);  
                alert('Template ID'+templatevalue);
                alert('Email ID'+emailvalue);
                alert('EmailTemplate ID'+emailtemplateid);

                window.location.href = "/apex/APXTConga4__Conga_Composer?SolMgr=1&"+
                                       "id="+ stringvalue + "&serverUrl={!$API.Partner_Server_URL_370}"+
                                       "&TemplateId="+ templatevalue +                                       


  • please help me?? – Juhi.L Feb 1 at 10:05
  • Might worth raising a support ticket with conga support – Pranay Jaiswal Feb 1 at 10:47

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