We are not able to see CompletedDateTime field on Activity or task object in the production environment but the same is available on Its sandbox.

Can someone please suggest if there is any way to enable or disable the field CompletedDateTime in production.

Please find below the screenshot from the sandbox there is no __c at the end for CompletedDateTime but the same is not available in the production environment.

enter image description here


Completed Date (Task.CompletedDateTime) is a standard field on the Task object that for some reason is being hidden from the field list in setup, it can be queried and shows up when using global search in setup.

As far as I was able to find it is enabled by default and populates with the current time whenever a task is marked as complete (overwriting the existing value when subsequently completing a task).

It seems to have been introduced sometime in early 2019 as that's as far as our data goes.

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