We have a project on Grails that we use to create emails and other assets on Classic Content using the FuelsSDK for Java.

Now we are trying to integrate the creation of assets on content builder, but unfortunately, FuelSDK seems to lack the functionallity, or at least it's incomplete. We desided to clone the repository from their github and modify it for our needs, but the source code doesn't compile correctly:

  1. Unable to import package com.exacttarget.fuelsdk.internal

  2. Classes missing: ETExpressionParser, ETExpressionParserConstant, ETExpressionParserTokenManager, ParseException, SimpleCharStream, Token, TokenMgrError

  3. Issues with the version for dependecy org.apache.commons.lang (we had to update it to lang3 and update the reference on ETApiProperty and ETSubscriberList)

Is there a more stable or updated version of the SDK?

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