I see there are different flavors on the FuelSDK libraries. May I know which one is used for interact with Content Builder? Seems most of them are used for the Classic Content tool.

I have inquired with the FuelSDK-PHP site and seems the library lacks of support for Content Builder. I'm trying now with the python flavor, not sure if I will get something useful but giving a try, better than nothing.

Is someone using any FuelSDK flavor to interact with Content Builder? I need to update/create files using some code instead of the gui.

Find here what I'm trying to solve.

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You need a local folder copy first,

Use this call to get that done:

POST /asset/v1/content/assets/query

Take care of saving the ids somewhere to use them later when need to update remote files.

Then do a patch request using this call

PATCH /asset/v1/content/assets/{id}

That will do what You are looking for.

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