I am trying to calculate a product price on an opportunity line based on values from the account object that the opportunity is linked to.

My ultimate aim is when selecting a product to add to the opportunity it will call an API passing in 2 fields from the account along with product name and getting a price back.

however if it is not possible to do the API call I can calculate the price based on the account fields.

Has anyone got a solution to this?

Note: I can do this via a trigger once the opportunity is saved however this is not what I want to do as it means the opportunity needs to be reopened to get the price.

  • please edit your post to include more context. Is this an external application, a custom VF page, or standard page layout where you are "selecting a product"? If this is all in Salesforce, why do you need make an API call? – David Cheng Jan 29 at 20:15

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