I have a .doc type attachment , Attachment contains some images and text . I want to show all content of this attachment on vf page. I am able to show pdf, images type attachment preview on vf page , issue is only with (.doc, docx, .ppt ) file. it downloads the attachment instead of showing in new tab.

If attachment is 'attach' which is document file and it may contain images and text. If I convert body to string like this and show string on vf page in outputtext string attachbody = attach.body.tostring(); I am getting error not UTF-8 type string,

if I use this code show string on vf page in outputtext string attachbody = base64Encode(attach.body); I am getting exceed 135 kb error

Your help would be appriciated. Please suggest me sample code. OR javascript jquery code if required.


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This is really down to the browser capability rather than Visualforce. If you use the same syntax for a .doc as you do for a .pdf, the browser will display a preview if there is a plugin that supports the format. If there is no plugin configured, the browser will simply download the file for you to open with the executable of your choice.

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