I have a long text area field on an object. There is a link present for each record on that field which works fine at the record level but does work on reports. I want to make the link clickable in the reports . Is it possible to do?


Please try this :

Create a formula in Excel to generate hyperlinks.

When you build your report, include the Record ID for the Object you'd like to hyperlink to. When you export the report, insert a new column and enter a formula to generate a hyperlink to the record in your organization.

Example Scenario: The Case Record ID is in column A of your report export.

  1. Insert a new column to the right of Column A.
  2. In cell B2, enter =HYPERLINK("https://instance.salesforce.com/"&A2)

Note: Replace instance in the URL above with the instance of your Salesforce Org. For example: NA7 or EU13.

  1. Copy this formula down to all cells and you will now have a hyperlink from your export file back to each Case record.
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