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I came to know I can display knowledge articles like attachment like this in classic

<apex:outputLink value="/servlet/fileField?entityId= {!FAQ__kav.Id}&field=Attachment_1__Body__s">
<apex:outputfield value="{!FAQ__kav.Attachment_1__Name__s}"/>

How can I do it Lightning Knowledge. How can I display attachments in Lightning.

I read below documents:


For Lightning Knowledge:

Files are stored in the standard Files Object and attached in the files related list

i Need to use salesforce files(that content version).how can I filter it based on knowledge Id

  • Yes but I need to filter it based on Knowledge Id how can I do that? – Annappa Jan 28 '19 at 10:07

You have to query ContentDocumentLink table for ContentDocumentId by passing your knowledge id as LinkedEntityId


SELECT ContentDocumentId FROM ContentDocumentLink where LinkedEntityId ='ka01l0000008SflAAE'

And the url to view it will be


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