I got the issue that when I create my Scratch org it's created with the Data.com feature on.

Thing is, I'm implementing Continuous Integration using Bitbucket Pipline and when I tried to push my scratch org to the Sandbox Im getting an error because the Sandbox does not have Data.com fields.

How can I create a Scratch org without Data.com?

  • Problem solved! I was creating a Developer Edition scratch org In the project-scratch-def.json file I use to config my scratch org, I replaced: { "orgName": "Strach-Name", "edition": "Developer", } with.. { "orgName": "Strach-Name", "edition": "Enterprise", } And Data.com fields are no longer added to the SObjects. – Nico Jan 28 at 13:40
  • What objects and what fields are you noticing with the Data.com feature? – Rohit M Mar 27 at 5:35

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