Hi I developed a trigger class where in if a field in account is updated, it will create a community user that has a license of CustomerCommunityPlusLogin1ML now my goal everytime I update the account it should create a community user with 1 role for all, because what's happening right now is it will create a different role for every community user created.

I found some documentation that I should update to Communities Settings and update the Number of customer roles to 1. enter image description here

I also updated the profile being used and unchecked the Show Company Name as Community Role field

I also updated the communities member administration's Community role to default, but everytime my trigger creates a user it will create a role = Account Name + 'customer user' .What I want is for all community users, they will only have 1 role

This is my Trigger Code

public static void createPortalUser(Set<Id> setAccounts) {

    Set<String> setUCIAsFID = new Set<String>();
    Map<String, Account> mapAccount = new Map<String, Account>();
    Set<String> setExistingUser = new Set<String>();
    Map<Id, Id> mapContacts = new Map<Id, Id>();

    List<User> listPhysicianDashbrdUsr = new List<User>();

    List<Account> accounts = [Select Id, PC_Roche_UCI_ID__c, Type, PatientConnect__PC_First_Name__c,
                              PatientConnect__PC_Last_Name__c, PatientConnect__PC_Email__c from Account where Id in :setAccounts];
    for(Account newAcct : accounts) {
        if (newAcct.PC_Roche_UCI_ID__c != null && newAcct.Type == 'Doctor') {
            mapAccount.put(newAcct.PC_Roche_UCI_ID__c, newAcct);
        } // if (newAcct.PC_Roche_UCI_ID__c != null) {          
    } // for(Account newAcct : accounts) {  

    for (Contact c : [Select Id, AccountId from Contact where AccountId in :setAccounts]) {
        mapContacts.put(c.AccountId, c.Id);
    } // for (Contact c : [Select Id, AccountId fro

    system.debug('## setUCIAsFID ## ' + setUCIAsFID);
    if(!setUCIAsFID.isEmpty()) {

        for (User u : [Select id from User where FederationIdentifier in :setUCIAsFID]) {

        Profile p = [select id from Profile where name = 'Physician Dashboard Login User'];
        Map<String, Id> roleMap = new Map<String, Id>();

        for(UserRole role: [select Id, DeveloperName from UserRole]){
            roleMap.put(role.DeveloperName, role.Id);

        //UserRole portalRole = [Select Id, name From UserRole where name = 'SSO AU Customer User'];

        system.debug('## portalRole ## ' + p.id + ' ' + roleMap.get('SSOAUCustomerUser'));

        //mapContacts = createPortalContact(setUCIAsFID, mapAccount);
        system.debug('## mapContacts ## ' + mapContacts);
        for (String fid : setUCIAsFID) {
            system.debug('## fid ## ' + fid);
            if (setExistingUser.contains(fid) == false) {                    

                User u = new User(//alias = mapAccount.get(fid).PatientConnect__PC_First_Name__c.Substring(0,1) + mapAccount.get(fid).PatientConnect__PC_Last_Name__c.Substring(0,4), 
                    alias = 'test123',
                    profileid = p.id,
                    timezonesidkey = 'Australia/Brisbane',
                    FederationIdentifier = fid,
                    //UserType = 'CustomerSuccess',
                    contactId = mapContacts.get(mapAccount.get(fid).Id), //con.id,
                    //UserRoleId = roleMap.get('AU_Physician'),
                    PC_Roche_Affiliate__c = PC_Roche_Constants.AFFILIATE_AU,
                    username= System.now().millisecond() + fid +'@gmail.com');

            }   // if (setExistingUser.contains(fid) == false) {             
        } // for (String fid : setUCIAsFID) {

        system.debug('## listPhysicianDashbrdUsr ## ' + listPhysicianDashbrdUsr);
        if(!listPhysicianDashbrdUsr.isEmpty()) {
        } // if(!listPhysicianDashbrdUsr.isEmpty()) {


Thank you for your help.

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