I created records in a custom object. For each record I uploaded a file(which will store as a salesforce file) through a lightning component. If i click on record name, It will show the attached file preview of that record. I am able to show file preview temporarily using Lightning Openfiles event. But it will lost if I refresh the screen. Can anyone please suggest me the solution ?

  • Please can you provide your code? – Robs Jan 26 '19 at 19:18
  • I'm not sure I follow what the problem is for which you are seeking a solution. In addition to a code sample, as Robs asked, I would suggest you describe your problem in more detail and/or provide screen shots of the behavior you are trying to change. – David Reed Jan 26 '19 at 19:36

You can use a regular img tag.

<img src="mysite.force.com/mycommunity/sfc/servlet.shepherd/document/download" + {!v.documentId} />

Just be sure to query and store the documentId in an `aura:attribute' or as a field on the object you already queried.

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