I am trying to give a profile edit access to a Formula field and Roll-up summary field, I did so with metadata like so:


the build completes but in the UI for that profile I see this:

enter image description here

I get it this is a formula field and Roll up summary so no would be able to edit these fields through the UI, they look the same for System Administrator, but a system admin can edit the configuration of the fields like this: enter image description here

... but the other profile does not see the edit button:

enter image description here

... Am I missing something ? How can I let this other profile edit these two fields ? I have granted edit access with the Metadata api but that doesn't seem to work.


Permission to alter the metadata of fields is separate from permission to edit the content of the fields. The latter is controlled on a field-by-field basis by the Field-Level Security permissions architecture.

The former, ability to edit the definitions of fields, is granted on an org basis, not a per-field basis. The relevant permission is Customize Application, which also grants quite a bit of additional access across your org's configuration. It should typically be provided only to trusted administrators.

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