I have a trigger live in production on Contact Object and I am trying to load a set of 500 records through data loader and I don't want that trigger to fire upon the contact records I am loading into my org through Data Loader.

How do I achieve. Is that possible, if yes, how? Can you help please.

Thanks in Advance.


You could either create a Custom Setting or a Custom Metadata Type that contains a checkbox called runTrigger (or something like that) . This is set to true , and you do a check at the top of the trigger code whether it should run or not. Mine is like this:

trigger ContactTrigger on Contact (after insert,before insert,after update, before update) {

// Custom setting called TriggerSetting__c  that has a boolean called ApexTrigger__c
// This is managed in the admin UI and set to True.
TriggerSetting__c mc = TriggerSetting__c.getOrgDefaults();

if(!mc.ApexTrigger__c) return;
rest of trigger code

This has though the huge caveat that you must remember after the dataload to switch it on again! If not then you may have a wonderful time updating those records according to business rules manually

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    This is why I use a hierarchy custom setting; I can turn off triggers per user or profile instead wholesale disabling. – sfdcfox Jan 24 at 23:28
  • Even then you must remember to switch it on and off again. I'm using hierarchy settings as well and I've forgotten to switch them on again more than once :) – akarnid Jan 25 at 9:38

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