I've created a report based on the HTML Email Status report type.

I can view emails I sent, but I cannot view emails sent by other users.

What do I need to do, to view a report of emails sent by everyone?


Only the User who sent the HTML email can run a proper HTML Status report.

  • The HTML Email Status report must be generated while logged into the User account that sent the HTML Email.
  • The HTML Email Status report will return no results if anyone other than the user who sent the HTML Email runs it, even if run by a System Administrator.
  • The "Assigned To" and "Created by" User on the activity record itself must be the same user.

To make the HTML Email Status report available to others

  1. Add your HTML Email Status report to a Salesforce.com Dashboard.
  2. Set 'View Dashboard As' to the User that sent the email.
  3. Save the dashboard.


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