I have a component and apex controller that calls/displays all the related files on a record.

How can I filter the returned files by a field that is set on ContentVersion?

ie. only show files if Document_Type__c = Supporting Document

Apex controller:

public class SimplyfyFilesCntrl {  
   public static List<ContentDocument> getFiles(string recordId){  
     List<ContentDocument> DocumentList = new List<ContentDocument>();  
     Set<Id> documentIds = new Set<Id>();  //store file ids
     List<ContentDocumentLink> cdl=[select id,LinkedEntityId,ContentDocumentId from ContentDocumentLink where LinkedEntityId=:recordId];  
     for(ContentDocumentLink cdLink:cdl){  
       documentIds.add(cdLink.ContentDocumentId);  // Document ids
     DocumentList = [select Id,Title,FileType,ContentSize from ContentDocument where id IN: documentIds];  
     return DocumentList;  


You will have to get the LatestVersionId from the ContentDocument then get the ContentVersion entity and the custom field you want.

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