Our usecase: after import we want to move a file (using automation) from one (enhanced)FTP sub-folder to another(enhanced)FTP sub-folder (archive). The sub-folders are both in the main folder \import. I searched through a lot of questions and googled but non addressed the use of FTP SUB folders.

This is what we configurated: We drop a file in a FTP subfolder (\import\xxx\xxx), an import activity imports the data in MC. After this import we want to move the file to the sub folder 'import\xxx\xxx\archive'. We have configurated a data extract activity(final step) to move the file. Extract Type 'Enhanced FTP File Move and Copy'.

Enabled features: We are using Marketing Cloud enhanced FTP locations We have enabled "Enhanced FTP File Move and Copy." And configured the data extract activity with extract type 'Enhanced FTP File Move and Copy'.

What error do we encounter? Non,there is no error and the automation (every step, including the data extraction step) is completed. But the file isn't moved to the other sub folder.

Hope that someone can help me answer this question, that would be greatly appreciated!

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    Since you had SF Support enable the feature, do you not still have an open case to review its malfunction? They should at least have some internal documentation on how that Data Extract type should work. Jan 24, 2019 at 19:29
  • Hi Adam, no I haven't anymore..thought I would try this first. But think you are right... I will open a case parallel to this question because the automation behaviour (and the lack of error) is odd..and since there is no public documentation (yet) on how it should work..i'm going to check with SF. Thanks for your comment! Jan 25, 2019 at 8:32

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You are missing the File Transfer Activity. The Data Extract activity only puts the file in the safehouse. The File Transfer takes it out of the safehouse.


“Enhanced FTP File Move and Copy” is a Custom Extract type, I don’t thing Support will be able to help you with this as it’s not a Standard Extract.

I would recommend you to get in touch with your Account Executive so that they could engage Services Team to figure out why the extract isn’t working for you.

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