Our company recently acquired the Pardot tool for the Marketing and Sales teams and a question was recently raised regarding the Lifecycle Report.

The teams felt that the report was too general and lacking and wished to obtain more control on the data that returned from the report like the campaign(s) which generated the returned Visitors, Prospects, etc.

After a quick investigation we have concluded that this kind of control was not possible on the default controls offered by the Pardot report and we considered trying creating a report using the data provided by the endpoints of the Pardot APIs.

We know that the B2B Marketing Analytics offer something that would answer the needs of our teams but,because of the costs associated to it, the higher management of the company are considering other options.

My question is: it is possible to achieve the same results shown on the Lifecycle report through the gathering and the assembling of the data from the API and, in case of being possible, is advised to try to do so?

Has anyone ever encountered the same problem?

Thanks in advance!


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