In managed package's object I am unable to view Open Activities and Activity History related list in lightning mode. But visible in classic view.It is present in layout.Still unable to view.Can someone please help?

  • reference-> help.salesforce.com/… – m Peixoto Jan 23 at 11:56
  • @mPeixoto you can add that as answer. – Tushar Sharma Jan 23 at 12:00
  • Actually its visible in classic mode but not in lightning. what can be the issue? please suggest. @mPeixoto – Ashwini Jan 23 at 12:46

In Lightning, You Can have those in the form Activities standard Component. It will show the action related to it such as New task or event, Log a call or send an email. It will also show the activities which are open and closed with some advanced filter capabilities.You need to add it using Lightning App Builder for the record page.

Also, I can tell you a way by which you can add those related list in Lightning as it was in Classic.

The steps to do that are:-

  1. Click setting icon on record page in right top of the page and select edit page
  2. select the related list single from standard component list and drag it to layout where ever you want
  3. select the related list name- open Activities or Activity History which ever you want
  4. save it and activate

Refer the below image:-

enter image description here

The Open Activities related list have the action to create the task and event. The main advantage is it will allow you to select the record type before proceeding further as it is in Classic.


After doing the steps that you have said, I am getting this error. Can you please tell why this error is occuring. enter image description here

  • Its because the object belongs to managed package, I believe. – sanket kumar Jan 24 at 12:26

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