Say if I have an Assignment element that takes in a number variable and then increments it. I'd like to reuse that same element multiple times in different places. Can I do that? At least in Lightning Flow Builder it looks like I have to create it manually each time.

Edit: perhaps I could use Sub-flows - create one for each reusable function, and reference that. It could take in params, work on them, then return them...


To actually reuse a single element that performs a specific function, using a subflow is best.

In reusing an element in a single flow, it would get complicated to know where you were coming from and where to go next, I don't really see how it would work.

Now If you are asking about an option to clone a button, I'm told that will be coming in the next release or two. It was available in the old flow designer but is not yet in LFB.

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