I've setup the MC Sdk, I am recieving notifications as intended. The thing is that if I send a notification only to one specific Tag I am not subscribed to, I get the notification anyway.

While debugging, when I do sdk.getRegistrationManager().getTags() I see that I recieve 3 additional tags apart that the ones I am subscribed to: "ALL", "Android", "DEBUG". And when I cleanTags(), or try to remove them manually they don't get removed.

Which is the problem?

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There are 2-3 Tags set for an Android device by default: ALL and Android for non-debug builds and and additional Tag of DEBUG for debug builds.

Similarly, ALL, iOS and DEBUG will be set for iOS devices.

Are you setting a Contact Key? I ask because Tags are aggregated for a contact. If you have multiple devices, or have previously set a Tag for a given Contact Key then it will persist for the new device Registration.

Also, ultimately this is an inclusion-list issue as the SDK will simply display what is sent to the device.

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