I have an APEX class that should have a property named "number" but since this is a restricted keyword in Salesforce, I'm not allowed to do that. I have found a solution where I should name it number1 and then make a .replace() on serialized JSON string. But this does not seem safe. Is there any safer way like annotating this property "number1" with value "number" so that it generates JSON element named "number"?

  • Unlike Spring Salesforce does not have annotation for that. You can serialize JSON Untyped and parse manually – Pranay Jaiswal Jan 22 at 12:17

Unlike Java, Apex does not support defining custom annotation types. You can only use a set of pre-defined annotations in Apex. Thus your options are limited here.

For the scenario you are into, where your JSON has a reserved keyword, the option you are looking at (replacing the attribute) is the one which works best here. I can tell you from my personal experiences that this is the best approach and is not unsafe. E.g., if you have a number attribute in your JSON and that you cannot deserialize it in Apex, the pre-requisite would be to replace the attribute say with myNumber or any other specific pattern you want to.

As long as you have a wrapper class written for your JSON with the aforementioned approach, I willrecommend to go that route. The other option is to individually parse the contents may prove to be more cumbersome only for such specific scenarios.

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