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I need to increase the code coverage to 75% for the following

public with sharing class VIPortalHeaderController {
  // Fields
  private String channel;

   * Gets the channel.
  public String getChannel() {
    return channel;

   * Initializes the controller.
  public void init() {
    Id accountId = VIUtils.getPortalAccountId();
    if (accountId != null) {
      List<Account> accounts = [SELECT ParentId, //VI_Account_Type__c,
          FROM Account
          WHERE Id = :accountId];
      if (!accounts.isEmpty()) {
        Account account = accounts.get(0);


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  • Hi Swathi. Could you provide your current test class? Or anything that you did till now? Also your class will never return any channel with getChannel because there isnt any possibility to set it as is is private variable and doesnt have any method to set it – user1974566 Jan 22 at 7:15

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