I have a client who needs a web service method for a 3rd party to send a SOAP call to. But this soap call has two top level nodes in the body.

        <data> blahblahblah </data>
        <moreData> blahblahblah </moreData>
        <evenMoreData> blahblahblah </evenMoreData>

Is this even possible within Salesforce?


Not by using the webservice keyword from Apex. Those are limited to a single return type. The closest you'd probably get is returning a List of something.

You could look at mimicking a SOAP request and response pattern using REST Web Services. These would be annotated for @HttpPost and could expose the RestResponse.responseBody as required.

  • Thank you for the suggestion. Do you know of any other documentation on the REST setup? I have gotten a @HttpGet call working just fine, but am stumbling on the Post. This is what I have been using as reference (developer.salesforce.com/blogs/developer-relations/2012/02/…) I don't know if I am failing on the apex class, the request URL, request body, or all of the above – awh01 Jan 25 at 5:37

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