I have a custom object that I am trying to display using visualforce. Some of the fields in the custom object may not have data. I want to check this and only if the data exists, then print the html to display the field. How can I do that?

Below is the code that I am trying to write, which is giving me syntax error.

<apex:repeat var="v" value="{! results }">
    <div class="typeHeader">
         {! v.Name}
    <h3>My Field</h3>
    <div class="mystyle">
         {! v.myfield }
    {! IF (({! v.URL__c == null}), true, <h3>URL</h3><div class="mystyle">{! v.URL__c }</div>) }

As you can see I am trying to display some HTML only if URL__c field has some data in it. Could you please help me with this?



You can use apex:outputtext, or apex:outputpanel to render data conditionally with rendered attribute.

example apex:outputText :

<apex:outputText rendered="{! v.URL__c != null}" >
<!-- your code -->

example apex:outputpanel :

<apex:outputpanel rendered="{! v.URL__c != null}" >
<!-- your code -->

if you want just plaintext the you can even use if formula as follows

{!if(v.URL__c == null, 'Its Null', 'IT has value')}

Reference for apex:Outputtext

Reference for apex:OutputPanel

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