How do I customise the columns that appear in the Add Products popup which appears if you click the Add Products button on the Products related list on the Opportunities record page?

What I've tried

Instructions I found online tell me to do this:

You can select fields in Mini Page Layout to appear on that popup.

Follow given steps :

  1. Go to the Opportunity Product object
  2. Edit the page layout
  3. In the header there is a Mini Page Layout link
  4. Click on that link and select fields which you want for popup to display
  5. Save the layout

But, the columns which are configured in the Mini Page Layout are not the same as the columns which are appearing in the Add Products popup.

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Follow given steps :

  1. Go to the Price Book Entry object
  2. Select Search Layouts
  3. Edit Search Results
  4. Change the fields
  5. Press Save

I just went through the same issue and you need to add it to the "Multi-line" view. For instance we wanted to include a lookup to a partner account when adding the product and we then added "Partner" lookup field to the "Multi-Line" view (it's next to the mini console layout.)

Hope this helps.

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