We have 2 profile for eg. ABC and XYZ which are of Customer community plus License. I want to create a contact from a custom object[It has a lookup to contact] from profile ABC using standard oob functionality in the community template - Customer Account Portal Template.

Error - "Portal users cannot own partner accounts"

I am getting this error. Is there any way to avoid it.

I have also tried to change the owner of the contact as below from process builder. enter image description here

Please suggest what I am missing here.

  • Seems you have missed to mention the error that you are receiving. Please edit your question to provide the exact error. – Jayant Das Jan 18 '19 at 15:58
  • Added the error. – Riya23 Jan 22 '19 at 15:40
  • My req. is - 1. After the creation of contact from a community profile without [Account name].{Because with partner Account it is throwing above error} 2. I tried to set the account name as 'alpha' and Contact Owner to system admin. I got the below error - ERROR - "You cannot assign a Portal Account or Contact to a Portal user". Please choose a different user. 3. So, I tried to first Change the contact ownership - and then set same account name to 'Alpha' and it worked. 4. When I open this contact in classic, I enable this contact as a community user and set the profile as 'Beta'. – Riya23 Jan 22 '19 at 16:48