I have a process builder which I want to build to production, when I create a change set it says that this change set requires the "45.0" or later platform version, if it was a visualforce page I could change the api version, but I couldn't do that for the process builder, how can I accomplish that? The production runs in 44.0 api version and my sandbox in 45.0 api version.

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Please refer to this article from salesforce Version error when uploading Change Set

You might just have to clone your change set and try deploying again.

Best Regards, Amit

  • After I had deployed a change set from a v53 sandbox to a v53 sandbox, Salesforce would not let me upload it to v52 production, even though all components were Apex classes with v52 or lower. I cloned the change set and then it was possible to upload it to v52 production. So cloning solved the problem for me. Sep 1, 2021 at 13:05

Hopefully you have deployed by now, but for future readers, I would suggest cloning the Process Builder to get a new version. I would expect the cloned version to have the latest API version.

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