We're doing some data cleanup here and need to delete all records from the All Subscribers List. I've seen several suggestions regarding exporting all the records from All Subscribers to a CSV, then creating a new List using this CSV, then deleting the List and selecting the option to delete them from the All Subscribers List.

The problem is that we have about 7M+ records in our All Subscribers List, and I cannot get this List to export successfully. It ran for 4 hours and only got to 3% before I killed that process. Any other suggestions for purging all these records?

  • You can write an SSJS and put it a part of automation .. and leave it running .. – Maneesh Jan 17 '19 at 20:49
  • SSJS script activities have a 30 minute timeout window just like queries. – Adam Spriggs Jan 18 '19 at 2:58
  • Yeah, I was looking at the SOAP and REST APIs and didn't see much. Looping through that many records seems infeasible. And I didn't see any bulk method for just deleting all records from All Subscribers. Looking into dataloader.io as I do not see Data Loader or Contact Builder activated for our Marketing Cloud account. Not seeing too many options. – hadoob024 Jan 31 '19 at 3:05

Contact Delete in the parent business unit allows you to do this

You're limited to doing 1M subscribers at a time, so you'll have to find some way to break up your 7M into groups. I'd recommend querying the _Subscribers data view and writing the groups to separate sendable data extensions.

It's not a fast process. I've yet to have a large contact delete process complete without the involvement of SF Support.

  • Sorry for the delay, but thanks! This is the avenue I'm researching now. Apparently Contact Builder isn't enabled for our account or something because I don't see anything under Audience Builder. I'm following up with their support regarding this, but it seems to be straight forward. Any gotchas I should be aware of? Thanks! – hadoob024 Jan 29 '19 at 4:08

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