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The component I created on the right appears smaller than the activity card. I've tried several ways to increase it's size but have failed. Is there a way to make it look like the card below it?

Component code:

<div class="tabset slds-tabs_card uiTabset--base uiTabset--default uiTabset--dense uiTabset flexipageTabset" data-aura-rendered-by="533:0" data-aura-class="uiTabset--base uiTabset--default uiTabset--dense uiTabset flexipageTabset">
                <ul class="slds-box">
                    <li class="buttonPadding"><lightning:button class="slds-button slds-button_outline-brand"
                                          onclick="{! c.openModelSignature }" />
                    <li class="buttonPadding"><lightning:button class="slds-button slds-button_outline-brand"
                                          label="Additional Owner Info"
                                          title="Additional Owner Info"
                                          onclick="{! c.openModelAddnInfo }" />
                    <li class="buttonPadding"> <lightning:button class="slds-button slds-button_outline-brand"
                                           label="Personal Guarantee"
                                           title="Personal Guarantee"
                                           onclick="{! c.openModelPersonalGuarantee }" />

  • normally, you want to ensure that the component's parent (the container) has the proper sizing, its not clear if the above is a custom layout page or the OOTB one. Also, do you happen to have a css file with your component, can you share it? – glls Jan 17 at 18:17

You are using deprecated/removed SLDS. You'll want to check the documentation for the new versions (generally -- has been replaced with _). Also, slds-box produces a box that's no larger than necessary. Consider using lightning:tab, lightning:tabset, and probably lightning:card if you're trying to build something that looks standard.

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