I am doing a report for my Jobs and I need to return a specific Job information using the REST API /services/data/v44.0/jobs/ingest.

When I am using the REST API, it is limited to 1000 records. I could get the nextRecordsUrl and get more records. However, I would like to avoid a bunch of API callouts.

In this way, I would like to use the queryLocator as parameter, but I am not finding any example.

Also, Salesforce documentation is very poor in this part and I found only this info:

Use queryLocator with a locator value to get a specific set of job results. Get All Jobs returns up to 1000 result rows per request, along with a nextRecordsUrl value that contains the locator value used to get the next set of results.

So, is it possible to filter this REST API? And how? Or is queryLocator used only to return the next rows?

Bulk API - Get All Jobs

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    I think nextRecordsUrl is the querryLocator, You have to call that endpoint to get next set of records. I cant think of a way via which you will be able to save API calls Commented Jan 17, 2019 at 16:43

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I found a best explanation what is the queryLocator

A query locator represents a server-side cursor for a query. Typically a query locator is returned when not all the records requested in a query fit into the returned data set. This way a queryMore() can be issued with the provided query locator to get additional rows.

It means that it is not used to filter, but to return the next query set of values.

Source: 'Invalid Query Locator' error

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