I created a new version of my unlocked package and tried to install it into a scratch org. Unfortunately I get the error Mismatching versions..

From what I know this error comes up, when one tries to install higher api-version sources into a lower api-version org.

How is the api version of unlocked packages set? Is it in the sfdx-package.json? I did not change anything there, it is still "sourceApiVersion": "43.0" as it was before. Furthermore is the scratch org is API version 44, so it should not be a problem, right?

Or am I missing something? Thanks

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    It seems like it is the DevHub Org's API Version which determines the package's API Version... I don't know what sourceApiVersion in sfdx-package.json is for then though...
    – martes
    Feb 13, 2019 at 17:07

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Usually this means your devhub has a different version of Salesforce compared to the scratch org you want to install the package on. The version of you Salesforce org you can check on this website: https://status.salesforce.com/

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