I am using lightning:unsavedChanges to achieve this on community.But when I click on browser tab close, it just closes the browser and doesn't display custom demoModal component. I have added below line in component

<lightning:unsavedChanges aura:id="unsaved"
                          ondiscard="{!c.handleDiscard}" />

and in controller. Here demoModal is the name of component which will display modal.

closeEvent: function (component, event, helper){
   window.addEventListener("beforeunload", $A.getCallback(function(event){
       var unsaved = component.find("unsaved");
       unsaved.setUnsavedChanges(true, { label: 'demoModal' });

 handleSave: function(cmp, evt, helper) {

 handleDiscard: function(cmp, evt, helper) {
    // similar to the handleSave method, but for discarding changes

On Inspecting, I found that flow is going inside window.addEventListener but it does not display modal.


lightning:UnsavedChanges works only in the context of console application such as closing the tabs or subtabs and not in browser close/refresh events. So, this cannot be achieved in lightning.

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