I have connecting command prompt to salesforce using below commands.

cd salesforce CLI
cd bin
sfdx force:auth:web:login -d -a DevHub

But i cant able to connect Visual studio code to salesforce. i have installed visual studio code in my system. at the same time Salesforce CLI Integration and Salesforce Extension Pack also installed. but selecforce connecting commands are not showing.

how to connect visual studio code to salesforce. And what are the commands we need to pass.

  • There are no commands to pass; once everything is installed, it should just work. Have you (a) restarted VS Code and/or (b) restarted your computer? Also, if Salesforce CLI is not in your %PATH%, VS Code will not be able to work with it. I recommend restarting and/or reinstalling Salesforce DX to see if that fixes things. – sfdcfox Jan 17 at 6:43

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