I'm trying to deploy a Partner community from a sandbox to a partial-copy, but I receive this error:

The page "/event" for Menu Item "Event" must be published, begin with a / character, and consists only of characters that are permitted in a URL path for Menu Item Type "Internal".

Beyond my specific case with the event page, do you have any suggestion?

  • "/" character is put in the url by default
  • This community is published.

Question related to(Need help in migrating communities from Sandbox to production) .

I know this is a duplicated question but due to the min reputation value requested I'm not able to comment the previous one and al my reply have been delated by the moderator.


I ran into this issue. It took a long time to figure out since the error message we see ins't the actual error.

In my case,

  1. I created list view on Opportunity object.
  2. Used it in a lightning component by referencing its API name.
  3. Used the lightning component in a community page.
  4. Referenced the community page in partner portal navigation menu.

I forgot to include the list view I created in step 1. But Salesforce threw error about the navigation menu URL path which is actually correct. It would have been helpful if it threw a error about the lightning component which is referencing the missing component.

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  • I put this task on hold, as soon as I resume I'll let you know – sdfcwolf Jan 24 '19 at 16:22

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