Just wondering if there is a way or non-formal way to sync a field between SFMC and SFSC? I researched and came across data streams but it is a one way sync between service cloud to marketing cloud when I need it synced between both clouds.

If not - is there a way to do an update action to update the fields when a change has been made on either clouds?


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There is no possibility of using the native connector for performing a two-way sync. Data from your Sales/Service Cloud will only be synced to Synchronised Data Extensions in Marketing Cloud. You have, however, few options for updating data in the opposite direction:

  1. Use AmpScript function UpdateSingleSalesforceObject to select and update a record
  2. Use Object Activity in Journey Builder
  3. Use Bulk API together with SSJS, to perform an update of multiple records from Automation Studio.

Please be more specific and provide more context for a more tailored advice.

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