Given the following posts from Salesforce:

The way I'm understanding the behavior here is that during the connection to the /meta/subscribe channel, if I wish to replay prior durable events, I can use the following options:

  • -2: All events from the beginning of what is available/stored
  • -1: Everything going forward after subscription
  • Replay#: A previous 'replay' value from a prior message as starting point

I'm trying to pass the map value { "replay": { "/data/ChangeEvents": -2 } along when { "channel": "/meta/subscribe" } connection is going out but it is not replaying the 3 days prior changes as noted in the documentation for change data capture.

Is this the correct way to retrieve change data capture events for the retention period? I'm assuming I should see all events replayed after making the connection but nothing old is coming through, only new changes.

  • The document you mentioned say events (pilot) for 72 hours , Being pilot you have to raise a case with SF to get it – Pranay Jaiswal Jan 14 at 0:16
  • @PranayJaiswal - do you mind letting me know where it says pilot? I'm unfortunately not seeing that. – Kyle Ballard Jan 15 at 13:12

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